Project: Get Known! FALLEN

I once wrote briefly about my love for this comiXology and it's Guided View format. In addition I was a fanatic for their stellar podcast.  A while back, a book was mentioned on the show called Fallen which was created and written by a frequent letter writer, Ryan Garcia.  This vigilante story captured so many elements of what drew me to comics as a kid in the 90’s, while maintaining the sophistication that kept me reading as an adult

I decided to reflect on the comics that infected me with the desire to want to create my own comics. These aren't what I'd consider the best but rather the comics which came into my life at particular times: as a kid, a teenager, an adult. These comics fanned the flames. They are the works that had the greatest influence in my pursuit to create comics. 

This title is sensationally misleading but not exactly 100% false.

Let me start by saying, anyone who tells you not to meet your idol is an idiot. Advice like that comes from the opinion that once you see the human faults of your demigod, all you hold dear with high esteem comes crumbling down. But here's why it's wrong:

Project: Get Known! -Hyper-Sense is comic also featured on this site which was created by Eduardo Santamarina. And when I say created, it was all done by this one guy. He did the words and art (just look at those colors!) in every single panel but more than that, he created a great new super hero story and a team book. You cant really find that these days anymore or done well, but he captures everything exciting I found from these types of books when I was a kid. My closest comparison (with the highest praise) would be it echoes of Gen13.

Making a comic has been a lifelong dream of mine and something I've secretly done since I was 14. I'll look at an old panel and I'll remember where I was in life like it's a diary entry; from high school to college, from marriage to kids. In 2014 I decided to really push to actually make something out of it.