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Begin In the Middle

Making a comic has been a lifelong dream of mine and something I've secretly done since I was 14. I'll look at an old panel and I'll remember where I was in life like it's a diary entry; from high school to college, from marriage to kids. In 2014 I decided to really push to actually make something out of it. 

Someone might look at all this writing and Instagram-ming and be under the impression that I'm very into myself, but it's quite the opposite. In fact, the only reason I'm in my late 30's and just now trying to put myself out there is due to years and years of crippling self doubt and insecurity. You get to a point in old age though where you just say F it. 

Right now I am in the smack middle of two issues. I say two issues because while as I got to page 13 of Project: Unknown, I realized I was more passionate about what I had initially planned to be issue 2, (M.I.A.). I then started considering I might only get one shot at this; factoring in the time and money to actually complete an issue, and if I had to pick only one book I could finish, it was M.I.A.

Luckily, it was already written and had a few pages already penciled so I didn't lose much time getting to the same place. Ideally, would be great to finish and go back to Project: Unknown by the end of the year.  Time will tell. 

So there's the quick run down and my initial entry. Stay tuned. 


Currently working on M.I.A. #1, page 13


Unknown Inspiration