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Hyped About Hyper-Sense

Hyper-Sense is comic also featured on this site which was created by Eduardo Santamarina. And when I say created, it was all done by this one guy. He did the words and art (just look at those colors!) in every single panel but more than that, he created a great new super hero story and a team book. You cant really find that these days anymore or done well, but he captures everything exciting I found from these types of books when I was a kid. My closest comparison (with the highest praise) would be it echoes of Gen13.


The more amazing thing is this was his first comic. Eddy and I worked together in the sense we were in the same building. Long story short, we eventually started drawing together, specifically competing in a weekly challenge taking a page in the Boys Doodle Book which is like improv for drawing. He blew me out of the water, week-in and week-out. At the time, I had made this internal commitment to finally producing a comic and when my doodles started really falling behind, he was able to get out of me why. So he listened to my side project, and that was that.

That is until a week or two later when he sat me down for his idea for his own comic. Right off the bat, he thought of all the angles, the powers, the origin, and what was going to happen. Fully thought out. That's the kind of guy he is. And as he started developing character, they were exciting and fresh and I wanted more.  

He hammered it out and Hyper-Sense #1 was finished and polished before I could blink. Hyper speed!

Eddy signing my copy of his comic like a baller.

Eddy signing my copy of his comic like a baller.

More than that though, he changed what it was like to create.  Spent my entire life really hiding the fact I drew comics or even read comics, and certainly no one, and I mean no one, knew what I was planning for my comic. But he got me to open up more, made me think about it more since you work things out to present them to someone than when they stay in your head. There are daily updates of pictures of where we are at on our pages, like a sponsor (parol officer) checking in. It all makes me a better creator. He blames me for giving him the sickness of always thinking and wanting to make comics but in the end, Hyper-Sense exists and it's genuinely badass. Go check it out

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