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Project: Get Known! EDDY SANTAMARINA

Project: Get Known! EDDY SANTAMARINA

Creating comics is a pretty solitary life. Even if you are working with a team of creators, the day-in-day-out is mostly a private process.  Something which has helped me along the way is being able to talk about process stuff with my buddy Eddy. Back in 2013, and after years of him showing me some art he’s done in his life, I finally showed him a few comic pages I was working on. A week later, Eddy schedules a meeting with me in his office to pitch his idea for a comic he wanted to make which became Hyper-Sense. Since then, we hold each other accountable for keeping up with it, like a comic making sponsor.

However, besides making comics, Eddy and I are NOT alike in many ways.  But my advice to anyone teaming up, pair up with someone who thinks completely differently than you.  The best kind of growth is achieved when one gets out of their comfort zone. In the gym, trainers will always tell you to do the routine you don’t want to do.  Creating comics, same advice should apply.

Where I would sympathetically tell you it’s ok if you can’t find the time to draw today, Eddy would tell you to suck it up because comics don’t make themselves.

Where I like to see where the creation process takes me, Eddy will spend time mapping out every panel and word months in advance.

Where I like to simmer internally on every idea, Eddy wants to lay out every nuance on a table and debate.

Where I still don’t tell anyone outside inner circles I make comics, Eddy goes to his job in custom sneakers bearing his comic logo design.

Where I try to read every comic and writings about comics I can, Eddy could care less and just sticks to reading through his every-Amazing Spider-Man quest.

The point is, I’m challenged daily to think outside my own head and whether it shows or not, he helps me be a better creator.  It’s also been inspiring to be along for someone else’s journey and so much more rewarding as a reader to know the year long process of each comic instead of just reading a finished product in a few minutes. Eddy has a great thing going with his comic Hyper-Sense, and the only thing stopping it is time.  

I interviewed Eddy a while back but I never felt it really showcased who he really is.  Therefore, over the last few months, I’ve been asking him interview questions in our normal daily conversations without him realizing it.  I’ve quilted together some insightful highlights from our google hangout conversation which I think is a better telling who he is and the relationship I wrote about earlier. Don’t worry I got his permission.

Get to know: Eddy Santamarina!



Mikey P:  Why do you think you don’t read new comics?  Especially indie ones?

Eddy:  Man I'm not a good example ... for me it’s time.  Honestly this Hyper-Sense has got me all tied up. Anytime I have, goes to that.  I really liked when I was reading comiXology Unlimited, but couldn't find the time for that either. Plus when I see comics, my reaction is I want to draw!  Funny, it’s not really ‘hey can't wait to see what happens in that book,’ it’s more like ‘I want to create one.’

Mikey P:  Makes sense. I get it. Just wondering where you fuel up.  Self propelled huh?

Eddy:   Yeah bro I self propel.  I get a high on coming up with an idea and trying to execute it ... making a vision/dream a reality.

Hyper-Sense #2 - cover

Hyper-Sense #2 - cover

I also love seeing other people's work ... that gives me fuel and ideas.  Looking at art is much quicker for me and less committal than reading a whole series.

Most fire for me comes from shooting around ideas, whether for my art/comic book or someone else’s.

Mikey P: That's what I was getting at - you love seeing what other artists draw, I'm surprised seeing them in storytelling comic book form doesn't attract you.

Eddy:  It does ... but you forget or don't understand ... I'm a very committed person and when I do something, I do it 110%.  Reading a series to me is a commitment. I want to start from the beginning and continue till the end.  Look at Amazing Spider-Man. I read all through #224, and still plan on going back at one point and finishing them.  I just can't pick and choose or jump around or start and then stop reading. I’m completely in! Prime example I've read really bad books in my time and can you believe that once I start reading it (even though it’s terrible) I need to finish the whole thing.  


Mikey P:  Before we started comic-ing, was there a time you were drawing like monthly or just other art projects?

Eddy: Once in a blue moon.  A project where I felt like doing something.  But barely anything.

Hyper-Sense #2, page 17

Hyper-Sense #2, page 17

Mikey P: Wasn't life so much simpler back then?

Eddy: Bro, you poisoned me

Mikey P:  Then again, your other children wouldn't have existed...

Eddy: I would be half the man I am today ...

Or much less "HYPER"

Bro creating a comic book is something I thought "me as a regular person could never do."  And actually have it published ... so what if only Mike and a handful of other have seen it ... still makes me smile. I hooked myself and my kids.  Good enough for me.

Mikey P: We complain about how long the process takes, but if you would to go back knowing what you know, would you scale back the colors maybe or the level of detail just to get the story out?

Eddy: No ...... I just wish the arch was done, so people knew what Hyper-Sense  is (the main story).  Currently we don't know the history, we don't know what they look like in costumes and don't know what the transformation/costume of DR C. is. I know and just want to put it down, so other can see it.

Hyper-Sense #2 - page 19

Hyper-Sense #2 - page 19


Mikey P: How much do you think you've learned since that first issue?

Eddy: I now know what a comic is.

Now I will learn how to make one.

I knew nothing.

And still probably don’t.

Mikey P: Yeah but I mean would you have done anything differently like I would?

Eddy: Of course, everyday I change ...but i like everything I’ve done and proud of it. You are the one that helped me out with that. You told me you will learn everyday and get better, keep looking forward. It’s a journey.


Mikey P: Serious question, will you not stop Hyper until it's all done for that first story arc?

Eddy: Bro its in my personality to not quit.  I have a vision and usually always continue at it until I finish.  The good thing about where I'm at is that I know what is going to happen when 80% is planned out (story line, costumes, etc ...).  I'm also really excited about the actual story so it keeps giving me fuel. Now will it take longer than what I expected? Most definitely.  

I will be super honest ... creating a comic is so hard.  Why? Because of the commitment. When I do those other art pieces, it’s in and out.  And if I don’t like it, I just scratch it. You can't do that with a comic ... if the page sucks, you need to do it again.  NOW ... you can’t compare the payoff that you get from a comic completed to a single piece of art. This is storytelling and its not for the weak.

I basically signed in for a 6 to 7 year deal.  With additional possible extensions available. Not even the Army asks for that. 


Mikey P: Would you like to get to a level where you could hand off these characters to other creators?   Like following your ideas but not doing all the grunt work.

Eddy:  No ...

and Yes.

Dude as long as I’m in the project and creating, yeah I wouldn’t mind passing it along.  Having someone working on it is honestly an honor if they want to be involved. If it’s just for a paycheck then really don't care about it.

Hyper Logo truck hat

Hyper Logo truck hat

Man let me know if you really want to get deep cause I have some questions for you ... things you probably don’t think about "seriously" cause of your type of personality.

But if you want to talk about it ... I need a commitment, none of this type a sentence and then come back 20 mins from now ... sort of what you just did.

This guy also makes real life costumes of his characters (the face mask is removable too!)

This guy also makes real life costumes of his characters (the face mask is removable too!)

Mikey P: What’s that? You’re breaking up.
What do you think you bring to the scene that's different than other indie work?  How would you pitch this to someone interested in buying the eventual trade?

Eddy: Honestly I'm not like you and don't know what the trade/indie scene have.  If I had to guess I think what I have is similar to other indie comics ... a story with characters.  I would just hope mine would entertain and give them more pressure than others. That’s why I designed the symbol, to be catchy.  And why I try to write/design each book as almost a mystery or cliff hanger. I want the reader to finish each book and want/need to find out what happens next.

Bro you are getting into deep talk ...

I think you are ready for the deep question ....

Like my boy Tony Stark says ... what’s the end game, or better said what’s your end game?

Mikey P: Death. There is no end game. It won't be M.I.A. but I'll be doing this until I can't.

Eddy: Okay

Custom Hyper belts

Custom Hyper belts

But do you have a goal?  I'm such a nerd that I always think in perspective of goals and execution.  To me, it's either purely goal oriented or pleasure oriented or a mix of both.  For me it’s a mix, I do it for the pleasure cause I love it and it brings me balance ... but I also have a goal. I'm not doing this to make a cent, I'm doing it to pass it on to my kids.

Question is for you: is it purely pleasure or is there a goal also, and if so what is it.

Mikey P: I don't do anything with goals in life. Only passion.

Eddy: It’s like if you want to be in the NBA then you need to train for the NBA ... and sorry not trying to be negative or crush dreams ... just trying to make sure you actually get them done.  But I believe an hour of art a day ain’t going to cut it.

Mikey P: Good point. I'll forgot all my dreams.

Eddy: Read my next sentence

Mikey P: I'm going to start a Twitch channel and play games now.

Eddy: Damn we getting deep.

How about this one ...

Do you understand how much we have changed each others lives (not trying to get sentimental) ... but if not for you I know I probably would not being drawing more than once every 3 months.

No comic for sure (didn’t know that was possible)

Custom vans

Custom vans

Do you think I would have published 2 comics already if not meeting?

Mikey P: I know I think of that a lot too. Like you'd be chilling probably without cares.

Eddy: Bastard. Panera would only mean a place they sell bread instead of place to meet up and draw together.


Mikey P: I think also, you have it on your mind all the time, it's like you are already invested. It's more of a mental game.

Eddy: I agree 100% with you on the mental game.

I do art for me.  Not for other.  It's my disconnect and brings me so much happiness.  I’m not saying that if for some miracle someone wants to give me some money or do something with it, that I would say no.  Just saying that when creating it that is not my objective.

I will admit that you and me are different ... you grew up with comics life ... even still involved in industry... That’s not my goal.

Mikey P: That's why I get intrigued about how quickly you grew into the art form. I know you did art but it's different when you are story telling. Do you think it's just natural or due to your thoughtful craftsmanship in everything you do?

Eddy: Both.  Me and my brothers are storytellers.  We love setting things up and capturing people.  We have also been huge movie buffs and critics. I think creating a comic is very close in my opinion to creating a movie.  You are just doing everything by hand, Then there is the engineer aspect of me that helps (planning and designing). It’s like building a costume, you need to really think it out if not it wont come out right.  I apply the same thing to the comic (and everything in life). Try to save yourself a headache by looking for problems before they arrive.


Eddy: Bro I’ve caught my son playing with the Ears figure he has in his room ... talk about something that makes you smile ... or my daughter going to school practically everyday with her Hyper belt. Just with that I’m happy

Mikey P: Unreal man. Just think of all the good stuff still to come.....

Do you feel burdened by the comic?  What are you liking about this whole making comic life?

Eddy: The only burden is that I take away from a lot of things to put as much time as possible into finishing it.  It’s a self inflicted burden. I just want everyone to see what I see in my head.

But then again that’s what I love about it ... is that I want to continue to create.  Nothing like having a goal and something you love to work on. Plus I've created like a brand or new profile for myself ... I want people to say hey its Hyper ... Stan Lee = Spiderman ... Eddy = Ears

Peaceout bro …

Currently, Hyper-Sense #3 is in the works and it’s looking great so be on the lookout.  

Also check out Eddy’s amazing instragram page as he purposely make art for just for it, but also for his custom figures, and sneakers in of his designs.

Read past issues of Hyper-Sense here.  Maybe sport that logo in your hometown and make locals think there is a cult in the area.

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Project: Get Known! DAVID TUCKER

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