The Unknown Way

The spirit of Project: Unknown is to promote indie comic projects and celebrate the journey in creating them. There are many artists and creators out there who are unknown to the world and we aim to make them known.


Mikey P

Writer & Artist: M.I.A. & Project: Unknown

As a kid, he made comics about Nintendo games. As a teenager, he made comics while listening to movies he recorded onto cassette tapes. As an adult, he draws comics during nap times and occasionally with one of his two kids on his lap. 

He's a loser New York Mets fan, who recently got back into watching pro wrestling, and probably listens to at least one Metallica song a day. 

Eduardo Santamarina

Writer, Artist & Colorist: Hyper-Sense

He was born with an unquenchable love and passion for drawing.  His pencil was his weapon and his sketchbook a shield from the world.  Unfortunately in high school he sheathed his sword, dropped a knee and joined the world of competitive sports and social life.  Now 20 plus years later, with a wife and 2 kids, the art dragon has awoken from its slumber hungrier than ever.

Note that he fell asleep holding a wood pencil and textured paper and his eyes opened to a metal pen sliding on smooth glass computer. Time waits for nobody!


File_000 (1).jpeg



Colorist: M.I.A. & Project: Unknown

Kaz was born and raised in New York, but ran away to the sunny West in 2009.  She has a B.F.A. in Drawing/ Printmaking from School of Art+Design At Purchase College, and an M.F.A. in Illustration from Academy of Art University. As well as providing awesome colors to her brother's line art, she also runs an amazing company. She puts the "awkward" in Awkward Affections.